Japan Kimono
The Art of Kimono
a passion

As son and grand son of textile professionals I first admired the quality of the silk and the patterns. I am also impressed by the work process: the hand sewing, the different weaving and dying technics...

As a photographer, I enjoy graphisms, colors and composition as a way of life.

As a japanese martial art student I wear the hakama an the keigogi originally made from japanese working clothes as hikeshibanten...

How could I resist to this effervescence of patterns, the sense of composition in the japanese arts?
At home my wife enjoys wearing a kimono and I wear a silk juban with heko obi...
Outside, we proudly wear one of our hikeshibanten, or haori depending on the occasion.

So many different reasons:

To enjoy gathering such a collection,
To search and discover new pieces,
To wear my own kimono or hikeshibanten,
To decorate my house with these beautiful textiles,
To share this passion with others...

Every piece of our collection was made in Japan.
They are vintage pieces, from 1920' up to 1980' and are still in a very good condition.
If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

We hope you will enjoy your visit...